Al Staiti
Advanced Water Products & Services
7280 Caswell Street
North Syracuse, NY 13212
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About Advanced Water
Our goal is improving your quality of life while protecting health, safety, and our
precious natural resources.  We aim to provide the highest industry value in water
treatment, water services, and indoor moisture & mold investigations.

Advanced Water is a division of Environmental Technical Group, Inc., a multi-
functional service organization that provides a wide range of services to its
customers for the identification, monitoring, correction, and prevention of
environmental problems. Through precise investigations and training we aid many
individuals and organizations with our quality personnel and tools to solve the
important health issues, as well as preserve precious natural resources. At ETG it
doesn’t matter if the problem is in the home, in industry or on government property
-- we have the experience and resources to satisfy each and every client.

We have been in the industry since 1977 and have worked and partnered with
numerous engineering companies from sole proprietors to multi-national
organizations. Our Corporate staff alone has over 100 years of business and
industry experience. When it is in the client's best interest to deal with a contractor
directly we advise them so. We are pleased to act as General Contractor on any
assignment and can assure clients of cost effective, high quality results. ETG’s
comprehensive approach allows clients to focus on their business with the
assurance that their environmental and cost concerns are properly addressed.

Environmental Technical Group, Inc. was the parent company of Environmental
Products & Services, Inc. which in turn was sold to several groups of past
employees over the last four years.  Many of these entities have changed names
to better reflect their new ownership or geographical locations.  At its peak EPS
employed over 300 employees and had operating locations in eight states and 19
branch locations. As sole owner, Al Staiti had decided to divest parts of his
business to his employees versus selling the business to other competitors, thus
insuring that no employee lost their job due to his desire to divest and focus his
interest in the Lab as well as the training and testing areas of the business.

Today the Company consists of a full- service testing Laboratory that is certified to
do important analytical work in 7 states. The company also has a group of senior
experienced managers that bring years of experience to assist clients from mold
problems to complex regulatory or safety related issues.

We continue to make an investment in the industry. Located next to the Lab, our
new training facility allows course or seminar attendees the opportunity to speak
with the chemists, biologists, mycologists, geologists, and soil and water scientists
who work at the Lab.  Visitors and students are also allowed the opportunity to
observe first hand various stages of the laboratory analytical routine.  We have
many internship programs and take pride in assisting individuals into their
environmental health and safety careers.  Our willingness to share our
experiences provides students and clients with a wealth of reference information.
Advanced Water