How the program works:

1.  Refer Advanced Water to a friend, neighbor, or associate.  Ask them to contact us to
discuss their water.

2.  Let us know immediately that you made the referral.  Use the form below or call us with the
same information.

3.  You will receive a check for $50.00 if your referral purchases a water treatment system*

You may submit as many referrals as you like.  Just be sure to complete and submit the form below for
each referral.  
You may elect to donate the referral fee to charity - see below.

*Softener, ultraviolet system, reverse osmosis system, carbon system, chlorine injection system, and/or colloidal clay system
Tell us about the person you are referring:
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Please provide your information so we
know where to mail your check:
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Charitable Donation Option:
If you would prefer to donate the referral fee, please designate the name of the charity below.  You will be
notified when your donation is made.
Name of Charity
Check here if you want your donation
made anonymously
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